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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I won't even apologize for my lack of blogging:)  Since family and friends have asked for some updates I will include a few recent ones:)  Hey, at least I am posting about once a year, Right? :) 

 Gavin was Baptized in Sept, what a wonderful day, we are so grateful for all the family that came out to support us.  And all the love that was sent from those that couldn't make it.  How very blessed we are!

 Gavin is really getting into mountain bike racing and did his first tri this year.  Gavin is in 2nd grade now and loving it.

Xander is loving new things like horsebackriding, soccer, and of course riding his bike;)

My baby, Piper (3), is now in preschool.  She loves her dance class, learning, singing, and is aways up for anything.

Pumpkin patch with my kiddos:)
 Happy Halloween, which I feel was just yesterday and here we are a week and a half away from Christmas.  Oh how time flies!  I was a witch, Gavin was Anakin, Xander and Piper were pirates and Jason was a fireman (costume not shown, but he sure looked HOT!)

 Jason is still Mountain biking, rode biking and now getting into cyclocross (a mix b/t mt. bike, road bike and barriers along the course.)  His real estate company BRC is doing well, and it is always fun to see him race on his company bike team.

How the years are flying and we are having so much fun along the way! 

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