Living in the Rocky Mountains

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I can't get over how beautiful Moab is. Of course I probably won't ever see it from these angles in person, since I am not as crazy as my husband in the biking department. I love to Bike in the Mountains (paved trails, crushed gravel:). But Jason's biking takes things to a whole new level. The rides that are sheer uphill for miles, climbing over rocks, roots, with a feeling of wanting to puke from the exersion, is his kind of ride. He has really gotten into the racing side too. My favorite :( is the 50 mile mountain bike race in Keystone. All I can say is crazy.

Here are some shots from his yearly Moab trip with his friends. Now I normally don't have a problem with his trips, but this time Piper decided to get sick for the first time and puked non-stop for 5 days. This I have to say was a first for me. I guess everyone has to have puke all over their house at least one time, now hopefully the last.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Papaw and Mimi

What a blast we had when Papaw and Mimi came for a visit. It was the cutest thing, Piper who is Miss. Picky when it comes to who holds her (no one but Jason or I), took to Papaw instantly. Talk about best friends. We always wish they could stay longer, hopefully we can get out to Vegas to see them this summer. The boys would just be in heaven with all the tractors.