Living in the Rocky Mountains

Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome 2008!

It wasn't exactly the way we planned on spending the new year... Xander ended up in the hospital with RSV for 5 days, right through the new year. Since we were pretty much thrown off, OUR actual new year started on the 7th:) Xander made a full recovery and we were able to make it to one of our favorite traditions, the Zoo Lights. Thanks so much, family, for all your help, calls, emails, and prayers. They were much needed and appreciated.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Morning

This was our first Christmas waking up at home. Gavin actually didn't wake up till 7:30 which was a nice surprise. The joy children bring at Christmas is indescribable. I am so thrilled to give my children what my mom always gave to me growing up, the true excitement and meaning of the season. Thanks Mom!!! The best was waking up to a white Christmas which we haven't had in a very very long time.

After trying a few times for a family shot we finally figured out the camera timer:)

Piper's First Christmas
Xander couldn't get enough chocolate, which was so funny since he never eats very much of anything.
That night we went over to Jason's folks to meet up with all the Colorado Siblings for a Christmas program (talk about talent), yummy dinner, and games.